Today almost all business operations are dependent on their computer systems, that’s why they have to be responsible in any situation and at any given time of the day. Monitoring these systems has become a fundamental task to manage all of a company’s IT infrastructure. By applying system monitoring to your computer systems you will be able to configure events and alarms related with them.
Being able to access executive information on the status of your installations and checking up on your most critical technological assets:

  • Access to our computer system’s status in real time.
  • Improving the efficiency and performance in maintenance tasks performed on the system.
  • Detecting instance origins.
  • Creating system inventories (maps, lists).
  • Planning growth based on the real use of your systems. Through usage reports, you can detect tendencies and know when you’ll need more storage space, a new server, or a memory upgrade. Under the same premises we can detect systems that are underused.
  • Cost reduction.

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